Game Rules

Tampa Bay Scramble at West Chase

Scramble-Style Scoring

  • Play begins with a shotgun start. Male golfers (under 60) use the white tees, male golfers 60 and over use the gold tees, and female golfers use the red tees. Each member of the foursome tees off.
  • If a group only has three members, they only get 3 shots. No additional shots will be given for the lack of the fourth player.
  • The group will decide which drive is the most desirable. The other three players then pick up their ball and proceed to the location of the best drive where they each play the second shot.
  • On the fairways, place all balls within one club length (not closer to the hole) of the best ball selected for play. The better of the four second shots is selected where all players in the foursome's third shots are played. This procedure is continued until the ball is holed out.
  • On the putting green, each member of the foursome must putt before anyone hits their second putt. When a putt is made, the remaining players do not putt.
  • Purchased mulligans cannot be used on the putting green.
  • At the end of each hole the score for the foursome is recorded on the scorecard.
  • In sand traps, each ball must be played from where the original ball landed. Rake the trap after each shot.
  • The order in which foursome players hit will vary according to the strategy the team wishes to employ.
  • Foursome captains will turn in their scorecards upon completion of the round.
Please read the Club Rules.
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